Creatalyst is designed for writers, photographers, graphic artists, students, business professionals and virtually anyone looking for creative inspiration. Users can explore unique combinations of ideas, capture their own thoughts, exchange ideas with other users of the app and share the inspiration via social media and email. Taking brainstorming and problem solving to a new level, it is a quick cure for creative blocks and a fun way to jump-start projects.

The creative process, a business project, even life, is a journey; it has a beginning, middle and end. Creatalyst, as a creative catalyst, is also designed like a journey touching the various stages of the creative process.

All projects, whether creative, personal or business, begin with a Vision; a picture in one’s mind as to what the final product will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like and sound like when finished. A clear vision at the beginning of a project sets is key to a successful finish.

As the journey continues, we Explore various avenues and possibilities, learning as much as we can. As we Explore, we begin to Develop specific ideas, or grow in our knowledge, expand our thinking and let the project take form. We learn to use the Tools we have available to create the project. We never seem to have enough time, money or resources, so we need to tap those we have and use them to their best. At the end of the journey, we Deliver a meaningful final product, work of art, song or story.


Within each of us is an inner artist wanting to come out and play — Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges has established himself as a leading contemporary photographic artist. Since borrowing his mother’s vintage Anscoflex II dual lens reflex camera at age 8 and learning the essentials of composition from his father, Hodges has spent four decades documenting “art in everyday life” in cities as diverse as Warsaw, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

Working with a mix of photographic media, Hodges records the world as he sees it. Exploring light, shadows and relationships between textures, abstractions and highly graphical subjects like graffiti and street details, Hodges transmutes the inconsequential into fine works of art. His portfolios, unified by their visual precision, are rendered as spontaneously as his subjects dictate, in black and white or with a painterly use of color.

Holding a Bachelor of Philosophy in Aesthetics and Humanities, Hodges is a skilled storyteller drawing on a variety of film, digital, Polaroid emulsion and darkroom techniques to create his narratives, much as painters use pastels, oils or pen and ink. His award-winning photographs have appeared in prominent photographic magazines around the world and in galleries across the U.S.

In addition to photography, Hodges is passionate about developing methods and techniques that enhance creativity. Creatalyst was designed to help cultivate the artist in each of us. Blending the best of Hodges’ fine art photographs and workshop techniques, this visionary app features over 100 original images, stories and soundscapes as creative catalysts to spark the imagination and stimulate the senses.

Born and raised in Kansas, Hodges lives in Budapest, Hungary. An avid traveler, he has explored five of the world’s seven continents and has worked extensively throughout Central Europe. His goal is to visit at least one new country each year, and continually bring fresh cultural perspectives to his art.


To share any ideas, stories or suggestions, please contact Dennis at:
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The photographs featured in this application are available for purchase. For limited edition photographs signed and numbered by Dennis, please contact him at Creatalyst@dennishodges.com. For open edition photographs, please visit his store at www.dennishodges/imagekind.com.


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